The Beginner’s Guide To Using Web Push Notifications

Push notifications for Web and Mobile Web

Web push notifications

Web push notifications have become the latest channel for business to communicate with their audience in real time. It enables them to engage their website visitors with timely and contextual alerts from the business, without having to wait for them to open an email or respond to an SMS.

Simply put, web push notifications are the modern marketer’s hack to reaching out his target audience and converting them, before a competitor does.

In this guide, we will be sharing what web push notifications on web and mobile web are, how you can use them to drive higher conversions, and the simplest way to set them up.

What are web push notifications

In its simplest, web push notifications are alerts or clickable messages that can be sent out on all devices, on different browsers. These notifications nudge the user to click or take an action.

Probably, the best thing about web push notifications is that they are received by the user at their first contact point with the web - the browser! On a mobile device, these notifications appear in a on notification tray. Desktop users can see these alerts or notifications next to their task bar.

Why do you need web push notifications

Web push notifications have become a popular choice for marketer and conversion rate optimizers, for one simple reason - they don’t nudge an internet user out of their comfort zone.

More than 50% of internet users are skeptical about sharing their contact information with a business, for the feat of being spammed. This leads them to often ignoring a newsletter subscription and instead opting for frequent visitors to a website instead to know about the recent updates.

But these frequent visits can turn to zero the moment they discover a competitive solution. That’s where web push notifications come handy.

Web push notifications don’t require the visitor to share their email address - a simple click on the ‘allow’ button is more than enough!

This leads to: 10X higher optin rates than emails.

But that’s not all. The instant and real time nature of web push notifications result in:

7% Average ROI

14% Increase in conversions

23% Average increase in CTR

16% Increase in average order value

How do web push notifications work

Here’s a simple walk-through on how web push notifications actually work!

A notification service, such as Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) makes it possible to send out notifications to mobile app as well as website users.

Use cases of web push notifications

Ecommerce businesses

  • Recover cart abandonment

    Create a sense of urgency, offer discounts or free shipping on items added to cart, and bring users back to complete the purchase.

  • Send time-sensitive price alerts

    If the price of a certain product that a certain user has showed interest in buying falls, send out price-drop alert and get the user to buy faster.

  • Location-based tips and discounts

    Inform users in vicinity about ongoing discounts in your nearby offline store. Get more in-store footfall and sales.

  • Back-in-stock alerts

    Users can’t buy because the items they like are out of stock? Send item restock alerts and get them back to buying from your website.


  • Engage with Relevant Content

    Send out real-time alerts to users as and when an article of their interest is up on your blog. Keep them posted about all the recent reads on your blog that they might like.

  • Engage Instantly, Unlike Emails

    Unlike emails, which users tend to often miss out on, get your new post alerts to reach your visitors in time and get clicked instantly.

  • Increase subscriptions

    Get more users to subscribe to your blog with web push notifications. Send alerts to new and repeat visitors, asking them to sign-up for on your blog.

Online Travel businesses

  • Ancillary Cross-Sell

    Your job is only half done when a visitor books his train or flight tickets from you. Help him manage his travel better. Cross-sell services like cab and hotel bookings, and make things simpler!

  • Flight Time Reminders

    Keep the busy traveler up to date about flight time and schedule. Inform him real-time as and when any changes happen.

  • Weather Updates

    Help your customer pack the right stuff, suited to the weather of the place he is travelling. Destination expecting heavy rainfall, alert the user to pack an umbrella or two!

The dos and don’ts of web push notifications

While web push notifications are sure to get you better results than any other marketing channel, there are a few rules you need to follow.

The number one being, NO SPAMMING.


  • Focus on personalization. Personalized push notifications are known to increase CTR by 25%
  • Be relevant. Deliver exactly what you promise. Make use of emojis but don't overuse them.
  • Use Emojis. They are the new way millennials communicate. Moreover, they do not occupy much space.
  • Use an omni channel or multichannel strategy for sending out push notifications.
  • A/B test your push notifications. The more you test, the better you will understand what your users respond positively to.
  • Let your creative juices flow. Impressive and persuasive copy can be effective in increasing click throughs.


  • Do not send out generic messages to your users. Anything that does not interest them or will only put them off.
  • Do not send out too long notification messages. Keep it to 20 characters.
  • Don't overwhelm your users with too many push notifications in a single day. This will only make them opt-out.

Case Studies

Do web push notifications really work? Having worked with different websites across various industries, we say YES!

Here’s proof.

3x Boost in sales by re-engaging store visitors


Awok.com used Zo web push notifications to personalize their messages and re-engage their online store visitors with 1:1 customization. With an average CTR of 16% per campaign, web push notifications led to 10% increase in sales on web and mobile web. Read full Case Study

14% Increase in sales with personalized notifications

W for Woman

W for Woman made use of web push notifications to re-engage their existing subscribers and promote products based on previous purchases. They also used the channel to recover 27% of their abandoned carts, leading to 14.5% increase in their overall sales. Read full Case Study

15% Increase in subscription and reader engagement


With one click optin functionality, Contensify received 15% increase in their blog subscriptions with web push notifications. They used the channel to promote latest posts to their visitors and readers, boosting the read rate and engagement rate on their website. Read full Case Study