Desktop Firefox and
Chrome Notifications

Keep your website visitors engaged, even when they’re not on-site with chrome notifications and Firefox alerts on desktop!

Reach out with Firefox and Chrome notification.
Engage with a wider audience base

48.7% of internet users still use the conventional desktop to access information and interact with businesses online. Win more traffic and engage these users on their choice of browser with Firefox and Chrome notifications from Zo Push.

Power packed features. Higher conversions.

Push automation

Send your desktop firefox and chrome notifications messages immediately or schedule them for a later time, based on your goals. Automate your campaigns to keep your subscribers engaged with personalized mes-sages, without manual efforts!

Behavioural targeting

Trigger firefox and chrome notification campaigns based on a specific action taken by your users. Triggered event was ‘add-to-cart’? Schedule your notifi-cation for 2 days post this action was taken, to send out cart reminder alerts.

URL targeting

Run your desktop push notification campaigns for users who have previously visited a specific page on your website. Increase your chances of cracking conversions from these users who previously showed interest by interacting with those pages.

Custom campaigns

Is there an offer you want to send to your sub-scribers for a limited period? With Zo Push Chrome notifications and Firefox alerts, you can create custom campaigns that expire on specified dates. Know more about customized push notifications

Real time tracking

Keep track of how your Firefox and Chrome notification campaigns are performing in different segments of subscribers, in real time. Optimize your messages for higher results based on the responses you get from your audience. Know more about realtime push notifications

Why choose Zo Push for Firefox and Chrome notifications

1:1 high level personalization

Don’t just push out a general message. Focus on smart personalization based on on-site behaviour and other triggers with Zo web push notifications. The closer you are to what your subscribers want to read, the higher are the conversions you get!

Smart customization available

It is simple to edit your desktop Firefox and Chrome notification campaigns for text and images. Create a beautiful notification that your users like, preview how it looks, and either schedule for later or send it out instantly.

Mobile apps not required

Firefox and Chrome notifications don’t just help you reach desktop users, but also your mobile visitors. Send messages to your subscribers even when they’re not on your website - irrespective of the device they’re making use of!

How to enable firefox and chrome notifications for desktop

Get your smart code

Sign up for your free account and fetch your single-line code. Insert this code on your website, right before the closing tag.

Enable opt-in

For users to be added to your list of subscribers, they need to enable opt-in. “Allowing” notifications does not require visitors to reveal their emails or any other contact info. Enabling Firefox and Chrome notification opt-in is simple, and takes just a second.

Personalize your push

Customize your push notifications with ready-to-use templates. Add your logo, images and more to give your campaign a personality. Set up different messages for different segments of subscribers.

Know more about customized push notifications
Schedule and automate

Once you have customized your web push notification template as per your campaign requirements, you can choose to save them for future editing, automate them, or simply send them out. Scheduling saves you the time and trouble of having to send them out manually at odd hours of the day.

Learn how to schedule push notifications
Send your first push

Apart from scheduling your campaigns, you can choose to send them right away as well! Engage your audience in real time with 1:1 personalized push messages for higher engagement and conversions.

Turn your website visitors into customers