Track web push notification performance.
Optimize for Customer Engagement.

Track and analyze the right metrics of engagement and conversion on your web push notifications
Measure web push notification campaign performance in real time

See how your push message campaigns are performing in different segments of your audience and subscribers, in real time. Measure the traffic generated, track the engagement and conversions.

Web push notification metrics that matter

Opt-in rate

Web push notifications have a higher optin rate than emails. All you need to do, is compose the right message that will be shown to a visitor as soon as he lands on your website. Our one click opt-in makes it easy for a visitor to subscribe for updates from your business.

Subscriber count

We know how important it is to know how many people from your target audience are subscribed to your updates. ZoPush offers real time subscriber count that lets you know your daily number of subscriptions and unsubscriptions. This will enable you to plan customer engagement better!

Click rates

This metric will tell you all you need to know about how ‘engaging’ and ‘effective’ your push notification alerts are. If you see a low click-through rate on your alerts, you probably need to optimize the messaging, the look and feel, and the placement of your push notifications.

Do web push notification metrics matter?


  • Create better engagement strategies based on subscriber interaction
  • Boost customer retention and brand loyalty
  • Optimize push notification messages for more click throughs
  • Keep a track of your subscriber count and optimize for more engagement

Ready to engage your visitors with Zo web push notification?