Instant Communication with Zen real time web push notifications

Keep your users informed and updated with all that is happening on your site, instantly! Send out real-time alerts and keep your web audience hooked.

Power packed features. Higher conversions.

Speedy delivery

Zo makes sure your push alerts are delivered on time, based on 1:1 personalization of your subscriber segments. Great updates shouldn’t get stalled!

Behavioural targeting

Trigger push notification campaigns based on a specific action taken by your users. Triggered event was ‘add-to-cart’? Schedule your notification for 2 days post this action was taken, to send out cart reminder alerts.

URL targeting

Run your push notification campaigns on a specific page that has been previously visited. Increase your chances at winning more conversions from users who previously showed interest in products on a certain page or category.

Custom campaigns

Is there an offer you want to send to your subscribers for a limited period? With Zen push notifications, you can create custom campaigns that expire on specified dates. Know more about customized push notifications

Why schedule web push notifications with ZoPush

Easy Setup

Zo web push notifications are a cakewalk to implement. It takes no more than 10 minutes to set it all up and send your first push message!

Push Personalization

Craft copy that wins interest and attracts attention. Schedule your messages and save the hassle of manually sending alerts.

Send latest updates, instantly

Your sale season just started? Notify your audience instantly and see the traffic pour in.

Real-time Tracking

Monitor every action that your users take on your mobile web push notifications, in real-time. Track engagement and conversions that you are getting from campaigns run for android.Know how to monitor the right metrics

Exceptional Support

Our team always has your back! Be it setting up the campaign or optimizing your push messages for better results, we’re always around.

Setting up real time web push notifications

Install the Code

Once you sign-up for the Free ZoPush account, a single-line code gets generated. Simply place this code on your webpage, before the closing tag and you’re all set to use ZoPush mobile web push notifications.

The code is like your own special identity!

Enable Opt-In

Whenever a visitor reaches your mobile site, we present an opt-in box asking for permission to send push notifications. As soon as the visitor clicks on ‘Allow’, we autosegment him in your subscriber lists to enable push personalization later.

Get more subscribers without having to ask for email ids or any more details!

Create and Customize Notification

From your dashboard, you can create your mobile web push notification title and text. You have the options to choose a template, edit notification design, and run URL based targeting on your notifications.

Give your campaign a name, preview and see how your notification looks. Save to edit later, or send it out.

Know more about customized push notifications

Based on your push campaign goal, schedule or send your messages to different segments of subscribers. Automate your campaigns to keep your subscribers engaged, without any manual efforts!

We always make sure to send out your push notifications on time.

Learn how to schedule push notifications

Your subscribers can now view timely updates from your business as push notifications. You can now reach out to them in real-time and keep them engaged. We call this the perfect win-win situation for everyone!

Now continue keeping track and optimizing your campaigns for better results!

Great Results. Guaranteed!

With Zen real time web push notifications, you can reach out to more than 100 million users on web and mobile web - instantly.

What does this lead to?

7% Average ROI

14% Increase in conversions

23% Average increase in CTR

16% Increase in average order value

Re-engage your website visitors and bag more conversions with Zen web push notifications