What are Zo Web Push Notifications

Personalized and real time push messages to re-engage your web and mobile web visitors

The Marketing & Communication channel you need

Unlike emails, web push notification alerts get read instantly. This means you reach your users at the right time, with the right message - without having to wait for them to open an email. For businesses and customers alike, web push notifications mean more meaningful communication. Add personalization to the awesomeness of this marketing channel, and get ready to crack higher sales and conversions.

Why use web push notifications?

While emails have been a promising channel so far, web push notifications have become the new way for businesses to re-engage their customers with highly personalized instant messages - pretty much like those chat apps where you can’t wait to reply to those messages!

ZoPush personalizes web push notifications on a 1:1 basis, to deliver:

7% Average ROI

14% Increase in conversions

23% Average increase in CTR

16% Increase in average order value

Simply put, Zo web push notifications are more effective than email marketing.

Who can use push notifications

Ecommerce businesses

Whether you are an online cosmetic store, or an apparel store with online presence, you can use web push notifications to:

  • Recover cart abandonment
  • Send out fresh stock alerts
  • Promote seasonal sales and offers
  • Cross-sell and upsell
  • Recommend products
  • Leverage social proof
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Encourage post-purchase engagement


Most publishers and bloggers have a tough time bringing back their visitors and increasing their read rates. With web push notifications you can:

  • Increase your subscriptions
  • Keep your visitors engaged (old and new)
  • Build subscriber loyalty
  • Boost the reach of your best content piece
  • Increase downloads on content upgrades
  • Boost visibility of new content
  • Send alerts for instant content like updates, news and more

Online Travel businesses

The online travel industry is growing at a rapid pace. Competing on digital can be tough when you can’t retain customers. You can use web push notifications here to:

  • Increase your subscriptions
  • Send package alerts
  • Ancillary cross sell
  • Keep customers notified about flight timings
  • Notify with real-time weather updates

Re-engage your website visitors and bag more conversions with Zo web push notifications