The Best Push Notification Service : Why Choose ZoPush

Smartest way to skyrocket engagement and sales on your website

Benefits of using Zo web push notifications

Web push notifications have become the go-to channel for businesses to engage and communicate with their users. They work seamlessly on web and mobile web, making it easy to re-engage a user with instant and personalized messages

  • Higher opt-in rates than emails
  • Greater conversion rates
  • Broader reach
  • Instant messaging for updates and alerts
  • Easy segmentation of subscribers
  • 1:1 personalization of campaigns
  • Higher user engagement rates
  • Flexible pricing - scale as you go!
  • Reduced bounce rates
  • Easy integration and 5 minutes set up
  • 24/7 support
  • Push notification campaign consulting
  • Greater user retention with contextual communication

On an average, ZoPush customers get

7% Average ROI

14% Increase in conversions

23% Average increase in CTR

16% Increase in average order value

Simply put, Zo web push notifications are more effective than email marketing.

Designed to Serve Your Business Needs Better

One click optin

Zo web push notifications get 10X higher optin rates than emails. Because it is so easy! We enable one-click optins that don’t require a visitor to share their email address, and yet subscribe to get notified of updates from the business. Win-win situation for all!

Smart campaigns

Zo’s web push notification is focused on getting your website maximum conversions. We monitor your website visitors closely to understand what they’re looking for and suggest push campaigns that will get you better results.

Triggers and actions

We closely gauge visitor's interest, intent, and motivations before sending out push notification alerts. From the Zo’s dashboard, you can set trigger notifications and define actions based on user activity on your website.

Push automation

Up your web push message scheduling game. Automate your push campaigns to keep your users engaged and nudge them towards conversions, as per business goal - don’t lose out on a chance to get a customer due to manual delays! Optimize for best times and personalize your messages based on segments to get maximum results.

Live tracking

So you’ve personalized and sent your web push notification. But now you’re eager to know how the campaign’s performing. Zo’s web push live tracking enables you to see your push performance in real time. From delivery rates, to opens, click throughs and more, we make sure you get an in-depth analysis of your campaign performance.

24/7 support

We take your conversions seriously. That’s why our support team is always on standby to help you setup and run campaigns that will bring results. Be it on email, Skype or on call, you choose a medium, and we’ll be there for you with a solution.

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